Simply Canna

About Us

About us

simplycanna was born from a passion and an understanding of the CBD industry to help deliver genuine, high quality CBD products to the people who need them.

Our founding members have years of experience in the CBD industry, as well as a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the products we sell.

With a background in online retail, and vast amounts of knowledge around cannabis and its therapeutic values, Simply Canna was developed with three things in mind:

  • Help newcomers to CBD learn more about its many benefits 
  • Help spread the word about CBD and build a friendly community of consumers who can help change people’s lives 
  • Help people find the right CBD product for their needs, be it an oil, an edible or topicals, with a secure and safe place to order online

simplycanna is a part of the wecann group. It operates from the heart of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, in a 70 acre woodland called Ransom Wood: a place where business and nature work hand in hand.




After discovering that people were being mis-informed and being sold low quality CBD products, David made it his mission to ensure that others did not fall victim to the same problem.

With a background in online retail he sourced a range of good brands, and set up a team of passionate people to help spread the word about the benefits of CBD.

Kurtis - Simply Canna


Kurtis has worked in the cannabis industry for several years now and knows exactly how a retail operation should be managed. He believes in helping others through love, care, good support and customer service.

Kurtis manages the day-to-day logistics required to process hundreds of orders each day and ensures that our warehouses and systems are running smoothly.

Kurt - Simply Canna


Kurt has a wealth of knowledge around the mind, body and spirit and will be guiding people to help them achieve optimal health.

Based in our East Midlands branch, he helps visitors learn more about the use of CBD and vitamins, helping people to live healthier and happier lives.

Kurt is currently being put through graduation to become a rapid transformation therapist.

Simply Canna - Ingrid


With over 30 years of experience in customer service, Ingrid ensures that orders are fulfilled to the Simply Canna standard, and that our shelves are always stocked.

Based in our Wales branch, she supports our staff with the day to day operations and keeps everything running smoothly.

Ingrid has a great handle on everything to do with customer service and liaising with our suppliers.