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NutracrestNutracrest are committed to assured CBD products that customers can trust.

Back in 2017 a group of UK scientists decided to set up Nutracrest, in order to bring to market a collection of products that give the CBD consumer an informed choice.

Realising that the marketplace was full of untested products, with often no or little provenance and varying amounts of CBD, Nutracrest committed to generate a range of products that did not mislead and were of the highest quality. The Nutracrest  concept is to provide products that deliver known, concentrated levels of CBD to you, effectively and cost-effectively.

Nutracrest’s CBD

Instead of using extracted crude CBD oils from hemp plants they have developed methods to purify the CBD extracts and remove all the THC and unwanted compounds to form a rich CBD oil which is used as the base of their products. This CBD oil is infused into Organic carrier oils to give accurate and reproducible levels of CBD. Nutracrest products are fully traceable, high in purity and batch analysed to confirm compliance.

The origins of their CBD ingredients are from Europe. Nutracrest have sourced in both Slovenia and Switzerland. They have processed the flowers in their partners ethanol extraction facilities in both Slovenia and Switzerland.  Further to this they have then purified their own propriety distilled extract that is totally free from THC and all other controlled substances. This extract is tested for all Cannabinoids to ensure compliance and is also tested for any residual solvents and other contaminants to ensure a highly pure product.

Their distillates are then mixed with Organic oils to formulate their products with the exact CBD levels. These oils are also used to add to their topical and other formulations to provide a controlled pure CBD content in them as well. All products are formulated and packed in their GMP quality clean room to ensure product quality further.

Why? Because having analysed other products on the market, they quickly realised that:

  • The levels of CBD present in  a lot of hemp oil products are too low to have any significant remedial effect.
  • The low levels of CBD were carefully over inflated to give the user a false impression.
  • Absolute CBD levels derived from hemp oil alone are hard to accurately reproduce and often contain high levels of controlled substances that are not compliant with UK legislation.

Every batch of Nutracrest products come with a Certificate of Analysis from an independent laboratory – proof that what is advertised is exactly what you are buying.