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CBD Coffee

Here at Simply Canna, we are dedicated to supplying only the highest-quality CBD coffee and as a result, only select the best products which have been chosen by our team.

We’re currently a supplier of Sträva CBD Infused Coffee which has received 5-star reviews from some of the biggest media outlets including Men’s Health and Esquire.

View our range of coffee products, both beans and coffee pods which are packed full of valuable nutrients which can provide a range of additional benefits aside from those commonly associated with CBD.


What is CBD Coffee?

CBD Coffee is exactly what it says on the tin – or coffee pod! It’s the same great taste of Columbian coffee but infused with the goodness of CBD. If you want the convenience of CBD but aren’t sure which type of product is most suitable, CBD infused coffee is a great way of introducing your body to this cannabinoid.

How to use CBD Coffee

Just like you would your normal cup of coffee, pop the kettle on and brew your coffee however you take it.

What are the benefits of CBD in Coffee?

Cannabis-infused coffee, in particular, has many, many benefits – and their customers can back this up! From helping with stress and anxiety to keeping migraines at bay to overall pain relief, Sträva has provided an escape to the day-to-day stresses, aches, and pains that grief many of us on a regular basis.

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