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Strava CBD CoffeeFounded in the beautiful state of Colorado, Sträva CBD Coffee has quickly become one of the USA’s leading providers of CBD infused coffee.

Sträva was founded by two friends in 2015 with the aim to bring great-tasting, high-quality CBD coffee to the masses. With an ethos based around socially responsible production, they ensure all parts of their supply chain are treated fairly and respectfully, so you can rest assured that your CBD coffee is coming from a good place.

With a wide range of coffee varieties and roasts, Sträva offers something for everyone. Not only do they offer a wide selection of coffee roast types, but they have a wide selection of CBD strengths alongside their range of coffee, so you can find the exact type of roast and CBD strength to suit your requirements. So, whether you’ve been drinking CBD infused coffee or using another CBD product and fancy a change, Sträva will certainly have something to cater to you.

Currently, Sträva offers a selection of different types of CBD coffee products including whole bean or ground coffee, Nespresso, and K-cup capsules all of which are 100% compostable.

Sträva’s CBD Coffee Quality

Dedicated to ensuring that only the best ingredients are used within their CBD coffee since the very beginning Sträva has been passionate about identifying top coffee growers within the Jerico region of Colombia and building strong relationships with them in order to bring their customers the very best CBD coffee, cup after cup.

All the CBD used within Sträva’s CBD infused coffee is ethically sourced from select partners within the USA who provide an organic product and documentation that can be traced back from the farm to the immediate product.

In order to ensure that quality is the highest it can be, the CBD is tested by an independent third party to ensure it contains ZERO THC, pesticides, solvents or other contaminates, so the product you are receiving is 100% safe, of the highest quality and exactly what is advertised.

What does the future hold for Sträva?

The team at Sträva are always looking at ways to improve or develop new products to expand the already wide range of CBD coffee products. However, they continue to keep an open mind and are always actively looking for new and exciting substances that offer medical benefits or promises.

Sträva CBD infused coffee